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    How to choose the water-based paint color paste brand?

    Source : Baiyan    Date : 2018-03-07    Page views : Loading...

      Now on the market in the production of color paste brand gradually increase, printing ink performance, quality and price, etc. There are some differences, when consumer is choosing water-based pigment printing ink brand, can search through the network, combined with net friend evaluation to choose regular brand, pay attention to the environmental protection sex must notice to paste, because it is used for interior decoration, so be sure to ensure the safety of the printing ink of environmental protection, does not affect indoor air quality.

      Can choose a few has a certain reputation and public praise good brand, usually have stable customers, for the product quality and safety are have safeguard, consumers can choose several brands, compare paste products, through the brand service, product quality, performance and price, such as comprehensive comparison, choose high cost performance of water-based pigment printing ink products.

      With the increase of paste brand, market competition has increased gradually, various brands of production technology and raw materials used are there is a difference, and the product price is different, so consumers in the choice, should choose the regular brand paste products, ensure product quality and performance. It is important to note that the price of color slurry needs to meet the market price. For products with too low price, consumers should pay attention to their quality and safety.

      Consumers need to pay attention to need to purchase through normal sales channels, can choose paste brand shop, but also with the actual trial of product, for printing ink and coating of fusion and tinting strength, hiding power, such as testing, and for the introduction of product need to conform to the actual product. In the later use of water-based paint paste, it is also necessary to strictly follow the instructions of the product to ensure its performance.