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    What are the characteristics of water-based industrial coatings?

    Source : Baiyan    Date : 2018-03-07    Page views : Loading...

      Due to the many advantages of water-based pigment printing ink industry, to promote its use range, usually used in construction, automotive, electrical appliances, building materials, and after use, does not volatilize harmful air quality material, will not have any adverse impact on the environment and human health.

      At the time of use, its excellent properties can be to the ideal hiding power and tinting strength, it is stable performance to promote its widespread application, for the brand, only need to ensure that the quality of the products and performance conforms to the standard, especially the paste products need to environmental protection, so that consumers can rest assured use.

      At present, water-based pigment printing ink industry brands on the market gradually increased, with the state quality inspection departments of supervision, enables the product quality and performance of most brands is to conform to the standard, and the product price is in line with market price range, so for consumers, when trying to choose, can choose the brand with formal and better public praise, so has guarantee for product quality and performance are compared.

      The purity of pigment printing ink industry usually is higher, so at the time of use, can be more conducive to coating, and operator technique is very convenient, as long as to ensure the correct use, can give full play to its good performance. So consumers in choosing a water-based pigment printing ink industry, need to ensure that the actual experience of product performance, through the trial know paste the quality of the products as well as covering capacity, tinting strength, liquidity, etc., can be a clear understanding. And for the choice of the color number, it is better to choose the international color code to ensure the color selection in the later period, and choose the products of the same brand to ensure the product quality and the consistency of the performance.