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    What should I pay attention to using water-based ink color?

    Source : Baiyan    Date : 2018-03-07    Page views : Loading...

      Now use a wider range of printing ink, used in construction, food, printing, automotive and other industries, industry use also have different kinds of printing ink, water-based ink paste is mainly used in the product packaging safety requirements higher packaging printing, make sure that without causing any adverse effect to product after printing to ensure the health of the user.

      When choose paste products, need to choose according to actual use use paste, especially for the choice of ink printing ink more cannot careless, you need to choose security environmental protection products, ensure through normal use, to ensure product safety. In the selection, the product needs to be used, and tested by distinguishing its fineness and the staining force and stability after use.

      At the time of trial water-based ink paste, ensure that after printing, won't appear decoloring, lest affect product, so we chose for the product to conduct a comprehensive test, and ensure that buy with excellent properties and safe paste products, when put into use, to ensure that the paste in effective use period, do not try expired products, for operators, need to know all of the performance of paste, can effective coating, the drying time and viscosity requires understanding, ensure finish printing in the drying time, lest appear dry too fast and influence the printing effect.

      When not using water-based ink paste for a long time, there will be a layered, aiming at this kind of situation can be fully mixing, can normal use, and at the time of operation, need to make sure that the environment temperature is suitable for the operating temperature, lest affect printing ink drying effect, and can use special drying device, speed up the drying time.